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Summertime is a quiet time in our beautiful Surselva. And the best time for a lonely mountain experience.

For those without dizziness:

Bifertenstock with its special trails.

For those with endurance:

Tödi with Porta da Gliems.

For those who like to enjoy to the full:

PĂ©z Medel with view to Plain of Greina.

All over our region are beautiful places to discover. I can accompany you to the Engadin, Wallis, Bernese Oberland or to any country in the world.


For Kids there are a lot of small and simple climbing routes in addition to more ambitious alpine climbing routes, like the south face of Cavadiras or the south face of Oberalpschijen.

The valley of Vals offers you a special experience. Enjoy the countless climbing areas around the Zervreilahorn. It’ s variety will excite both young and old. Combine this with a visit to the hot springs of Vals. Make it your perfect day!

I’ll also guide you to the different climbing area around the Gotthard and will lead you in the southern part of Switzerland to the Tessin.


The several day treks through the Plain of Greina will fascinate you. You won’t forget the diversified fauna and flora. You will certainly see the many wild animals which roam free like ibex, chamois and snow grouse and many more.

An other special adventure is the two day trek over the glacier to the lodge Planura on the foot of Tödi and further over the Hüfifirn in the valley of Maderan.

The treks are ideal for Groups and families.